Our Top Moments of 2017

From top left to right – (1) Me in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam; (2) Florida beach sunset; (3) My Pre-K class; (4) Michael’s return from Alaska; (5) Oxford, UK; (6) Wearing hanboks in Seoul during Kendall’s visit; (7) Michael’s first flight in the F-35; (8) My trip to Lawrence, KS; and (9) Our things packed in Korea on their way to Salt Lake City

This is probably one of the cheesiest blog posts I’ve ever done; I’m cringing at myself as I write this. But hey – in the spirit of the upcoming new year, why not reflect on the last 12 months? They have been quite the roller coaster ride for Seis Haus. If you received our Christmas card, I directed you to our blog – so I figured I would provide an overview of how 2017 turned out. While I attempted to put these in order I found it somewhat difficult to do so – however, the best certainly is saved for last in this case.

Our TDY-Living in Florida

Transitioning from Korea to America was a piece of cake, but transiting from different living situations proved to be quite the opposite. We currently live out of 8 suitcases and with no pets, which isn’t as easy as I thought (mostly the cats, I am never going 4 months without them again). Despite these setbacks, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed living on the beach and enjoying a quieter lifestyle. It’s definitely a nice change of pace to have my favorite American places (Target, for one) no more than 15 minutes away AND a husband who gets home from work before 5pm. Learning to count our blessings however they seem to present themselves.

Elizabeth’s Preschool Teacher Job

When a job opportunity presented itself, I decided to take advantage. I didn’t realize how much work teachers do outside of the classroom (and I didn’t even have to grade papers) nor how exhausted I would be during the week. There were days I had no idea what I was doing, or if what I was doing actually mattered in the long run. However, with each passing day I adored my kiddos more and more. The job got easier, I found my teaching style/routine, and I felt more confident in myself. I think my favorite moment was when one of my kiddos learned how to write her name after we had been working on it together for weeks.

Michael’s Return from Alaska 

Ah yes, the TDY that kept getting delayed and delayed and delayed. While this was not a deployment, it was the longest we had been apart since we dated long distance in college. In typical Air Force fashion, Plan A changed to Plan B to Plan C and Plan D…..you get the idea. While I have been alone many times, and will continue to be throughout his career, it was quite a different experience being alone in a foreign country. He enjoyed his odyssey abroad with his fellow Fiends, but it was good to be reunited.

Reuniting with Friends and Family

Whether it was our visitors (Bonnie, Sam, Kendall) in Korea or the reunions back home, we were lucky to see many of our friends and family after being apart for so long. I am constantly reminded that while the “goodbyes” and “see you laters” aren’t fun, the reunions make it all worth it. While our lifestyle hasn’t been stable in the slightest, we’ve met so many wonderful new (and old) friends this year.

Michael Transitioning to the F-35

Arguably one of the best moments this year, we found out in July that Michael would be transitioning from the F-16 to the F-35. This meant a lot of changes for our future – a move sooner than we planned (forcing us to cancel two trips we had planned), new bases to research, a new community to join, and a whole new jet for Michael to train in and learn the ins and outs. We’ve welcomed these changes as best one can – with open arms and new feelings of optimism. We are greatly looking forward to our move to Salt Lake City in February 2018.

Our Worldly Adventures

Seis Haus went all over the place this year covering three continents and eight countries. I went to America (twice on visits), Vietnam, and England. Michael flew an F-16 to Japan, Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam. We traveled all over South Korea and even stepped our toes in North Korea (don’t worry, it was at the JSA). Finally, I did a solo road trip to Florida from Kansas (which meant driving through Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida). We visited New Orleans over Thanksgiving weekend, and spent Christmas/New Years in Asheville, North Carolina. Phew, what a year! Luckily we have some exciting travel plans for 2018 that I may or may not have already started planning…. 🙂

Moving Back to America

As promised, I saved the best for last – moving back to America. Living in South Korea was an adventure, and an unforgettable one at that, but we were happy to move back to the motherland and be much closer to family (not to mention away from the not-so-fun neighbor to the North, but that’s an entire blog post for a different day). We haven’t even been back in the country for three months and the sight of Chick Fil A still excites us. Living abroad is an exciting thing to experience, and I truly hope we get to do it again soon.

…..now if you scrolled all the way down to look for a Baby Announcement, you will be extremely disappointed. Sorry not sorry! We are still too busy sleeping in on the weekends, traveling the world, and trying to figure ourselves out.

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