Korea for the Holidays

I realize I’m two weeks late of making this post. But hey, better late than never, right?

Life has been busy, as usual. I’m not sure when it ever slows down. But that’s how we roll – we enjoy being social while taking time to focus on ourselves, and now that we both work that time together is extra valuable.

The holidays in Asia were quite different from anything we’ve experienced, mostly because they were our first away from home. While I certainly made the best of it all, it was tough. I realize this won’t be our first time celebrating Christmas away from family, which honestly still doesn’t make me feel any better, but I can confidently say we were surrounded by loved ones and had a fun evening with friends.

Many events put us in the Christmas spirit – decorating our apartment, the squadron Christmas party, seeing The Nutcracker in Seoul, Caroling with the squadron, and hosting Christmas dinner.

Our tiny Christmas tree 🌲
Michael’s work Christmas party
The Nutcracker in Seoul
Chilling in our onesies during Fiend Caroling
Christmas morning at Seis Haus
Christmas dinner with friends

For New Year’s celebrations, we booked a room at the Grand Hyatt Seoul in Itaewon. It was fancy and expensive, but we’ve never spent money on New Years before, so why not? The squadron had reserved a table at J.J. Mahoney’s, one of the poshest bars in Seoul and conveniently located at the Hyatt, so we were in for a rambunctious evening. The night was promising – a bar completely decorated in Art Deco, patrons dressed to the nines, drinks and dancing all night. We felt as if we were attending a party at Gatsby’s. I even more my sisters’ homecoming dress from 1994-5. Fun Fact – It was the dress my oldest sister wore when she won Homecoming Queen in 1994! That tiny part made the night extra special for me – how cool was it that I wore a 22 year old dress? It was a night to remember, one we won’t forget.

Our view of the Namsan Seoul Tower during our stay at the Grand Hyatt Seoul for NYE
Looking sharp for NYE in Seoul

2017 is looking to be a year full of changes. We are moving, AGAIN, for the 4th time in 4 years. We are traveling to new countries, visiting America for the first time in half a year, and continuously working to improve ourselves. For those who like to ask – no children on the horizon, we still have some exploring and adventuring to do 😉

Kisses & Kimchi,


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  1. Can’t imagine how hard it was to be away from family and the familiar during Christmas, but it looks like to two of you brought the spirit to Korea. Where are you off to next? I thought you were there for a couple years. Love reading your posts!


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