Catching Up

Yikes, has it really been almost 20 days since I’ve written a post? My apologies, friends, we’ve been quite busy and happily enjoying the change from summer to fall.

So what have we been up to? Well…

  1. A few more trips to Seoul – we are learning more efficient ways of exploring the city (i.e. take the bus up there, then subway around) and finding new areas to enjoy amazing cuisine. If you must know – check out Vatos in Itaewon. It’s hands down the best Mexican food in Korea, and yes…they have queso, it was to die for. I also took a day trip to Gangnam with a girlfriend (remember that hip song Gangnam Style around 2013?) and we checked out the Google Campus and had delicious ramen. I love being so close to a big city, not to mention Korean transportation is so cheap and easy to navigate.
  2. Staying up very late / waking up super early to catch some NFL games. They’re either on at 2am or 5:30am – it’s a bit brutal, but well worth the struggle. Go Chiefs, and how about them Cowboys??
  3. Lots of Fiend/Fiendette social activities. This squadron and their support is nothing short of outstanding, and we always have such a great time together. Harrumph!
  4. A trip to the Apple Orchard where we made pie and jam, tasted wine, and picked giant Korean apples. I have to say, it’s so nice living in a place where we have all 4 seasons (aka NOT the desert).
  5. Booked our next trip to BALI, INDONESIA! That’s right, we will be spending Thanksgiving in Bali. Is this really my life? ❤
Harrumph to the Fiendettes!
The Google Campus in Gangnam, Seoul. It’s free to become a member and you can use all of their resources and spaces.
Opa Gangnam Style! Heyyyyyyyyyy Sexy laday…
Just Autumn activities and #basic things
The newest addition to my wardrobe
The Fat Boy at Vatos – highly recommend this entree
Eat, Drink & Chill at Vatos
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia – this is the area where we will spend Thanksgiving! (Not my image)

Kisses & Kimchi,


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