ad astra per aspera

to the stars through difficulties 

Tornado warnings. Green grass as far as I can see. Humidity seeping into my skin. Locals driving 10 under. Jayhawk and KC Royals swag everywhere. Friendly conversation and Midwestern smiles. All night thunderstorms. Cheap drinks. The smell of Chicken Fried Steak. Plush carpet between my toes. Townie bars. Biscuits and gravy. Long hugs from those who mean so dearly. Friends of many years. Old ways. Most importantly – kisses from my dog, Murphy.

image1 (15)


Wichita, Kansas – you never disappoint.

Words can’t properly describe how good it was to be home. It’s been a pleasure to see Wichita flourish, both in pride and local businesses. The community is thriving, there is a tad bit more to do, and storm season never disappoints. I have sincerely missed the adrenaline rush that comes with tornado season – it’s just a Kansas thing.

We said so many “See you laters” to many important people, and it was tough. I cried a lot, although that shouldn’t shock anyone by now. A year+ abroad isn’t long in the grand scheme of things, but moving to a new country is still daunting. Yet how do you grow if you never leave your comfort zone? There’s adventure to be had, new things to see, a Seis Haus to set it’s temporary roots – but it’s important to cherish where you’re from, and how that place and its people have helped shape your individuality.

Thank you for everything Kansas – to some you may just be a flyover state or a Wizard of Oz joke – but you’re my home sweet home always.

image3 (2)
Until next time, Wichita ❤

Kisses & Kimchi,


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