next stop: south korea

I’ve missed writing, so I decided to come back. Welcome to SEIS MATTERS – my blog which will be filled with stories, photos, and tidbits of our journey. We’ve lived in Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona…and our next destination is South Korea (ETA Summer 2016).

I had forgotten how the eagerness of Assignment Night consumes your entire day. Sweaty palms, thoughts flying in a thousand different directions, anxiety creeping down your spine like a shiver. Stomach in knots. Rapid heartbeat. Not knowing what country you’re moving to or for how long – this is a part of our lifestyle that I will never get used to.

Michael came out of the secret-assignment-deciding-room and said to me:

“We got Osan….Harrrrumph!”

“….are you joking?”

“No. I’m dead serious. We’re going to Korea.”

I will be brutally honest (you won’t ever see any sugar coating on this blog) – we were, um, just a bit surprised. I may or may not have been that wife who cried (there’s always at least one). But, in the spirit of this oh-so-wonderful-Air-Force life, I’ve quickly learned to accept what has been thrown at us and dove nugget-first into research.

And oh my GOD we are stoked.

(….and slightly overwhelmed. It feels like we just arrived in Arizona, and now we have to box up our things [put half of it in storage] to move yet again. Not to mention the massive amounts of paperwork and a mile-long to do list of everything we need to accomplish blah blah blah….TL;DR  moving abroad is quite a bit of work)

Despite those logistics, we couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ve started learning Korean online (thanks to the free resources at your local AFB library – use those, people!), connecting with wives at Osan, prepping the kitties (yes, they are joining us), the paperwork for my Korean Work Visa, and a bucket list of things to do in Asia. This includes but is not limited to – Japan (hello Hiroshima). The DMZ. Thailand. Vietnam. Singapore. Bali. New Zealand. I could go on.

I can’t but feel the need to express my inner Tolkien nerd right now:



Kisses & Kimchi,


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